2018 Economic Forecast

Setting Sights on the Horizon

Once a year, we sit down with our fellow brokers from the Hasson Company, Realtors® to have our minds blown by the wisdom of Pat Stone. Listening to him spit out obscure economic figures from the last few decades, from memory, for an hour and a half, always leaves us with much to ponder. 

Pat is the CEO and Chairman of WFG National Title Company, which started here in Portland, and in only eight years has spread to 46 states.


Our team is always striving for the cutting edge in everything that we do- and that includes knowing what’s on the economic horizon. Here are a few trends we found fascinating.

This chart is reassuring. Even though the cost of homes has steadily been trending upwards, it’s kept pace with employment. So we know there’s no disparity between supply and demand, and can rest easy knowing there’s no built up bubble. 

Pat started out his presentation by saying that we should be telling our buyers and sellers that there’s very little sense in waiting at this point. This chart, and the video above explain why that is.

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