Thinking About Buying?

We work in collaboration with our buyers to understand their goals and objectives. It is our job to make sure we help find them the home they want in the area they need it. Most real estate agents are focused on simply getting their buyer into a home…we want to get you into the right home.

Arm Yourself With The Best

Robin Nicholas

Buyers Agent
Broker, Licensed in Oregon & Washington


Sean Mele

Broker, Licensed in Oregon


Our Process


Consultative Approach
We work hard to understand your needs by asking the right questions before we pair you with the perfect home.


True to the Process
Finding the right home is a process that we refuse to rush. It needs to happen at your pace or it won’t feel right.


We work tirelessly to communicate effectively through the entire process and beyond. Transparency and timely communication are key.


The Art of Negotiation
Once we’ve found your home we’ll work with you to negotiate the best price and situation for your purchase. Doing so means we’ll be in complete alignment with your goals and can represent you at the highest level.


Careful Advisement
We work diligently to understand market, its trends, and the future. It is our job to equip you with the data you will need to make the best possible decision.


Our job doesn’t stop after the offer is accepted. Once we have the home of your dreams lined up, our next priority is to help you navigate the process of working with the lender and closing at the title company.