Modern Homes Tour – 2019

Portland has a fascinating confluence of styles weaving together when it comes to architecture – especially our homes.

Walking around, you’ll be able to spot Cape Cod, Modern, Craftsman, Victorian, Traditional, Scandinavian, Oriental, Tudor…etc. etc. etc. It all mixes together to create something that feels completely unique, and we’re often delighted by how innovators and craftspeople around here blend these styles (and more!) together so seamlessly.

Last week, our team joined the Modern Architecture + Design Society for their annual Modern Homes Tour in Portland. Check it out!



This was our second time running through the tour, and we would HIGHLY recommend it – whether you’re looking to be inspired for your own projects or simply enjoy something beautiful. 

The big takeaway for the team this year was that even though these homes have less in them, they still felt warm and inviting. This was surprising for some of us, who thought the homes would be cold, austere, and unlivable. Don’t believe us? Watch the video to see for yourself!

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